Dental Clinic Kiskinovi

Our dental clinic has been working for you for more than 25 years. In 1992, Dr. Kiskinov opened one of the first private dentist’s surgeries in Varna. The surgery has expanded during the years and has constantly been renewing its equipment in order to be able to offer high quality modern dental care to its patients in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

A highly qualified team of specialists looks after the beauty and health of your smile:

Dr. Stoyan Kiskinov graduated Dentistry in 1970 in Sofia. He becomes specialist in orthopaedics in 1980, and in 1986 he specialises in polyvalent dentistry. In 1989 he takes an orthopaedics course on metal ceramics in Bad-Sekingen in Germany. In his long career as a Dentist he has never stopped developing his skill by taking different courses and specialisations. He has worked in Varna District Hospital, Bulgarian Civil Navy, and as from 1992 he has private practice.

Dr. Rossitsa Kiskivova graduated in Dentistry in 2002 in Plovdiv. She had been working in Kiskinovi Dental Clinic since then. Her main practice is in therapeutic and children’s dentistry, endodontic, aesthetic dentistry, physiotherapy and whitening.

Dental Clinic Kiskinovi has own digital x-rays with an intraoral sensor, which determines for each patient the best parameters for exposure. This equipment offers safety, high quality and speed.

For the safety of its patients, Dental Clinic Kiskinovi has a modern autoclave, which assures absolute sterility. It destroys all bacteria, viruses, spores as well as the HIV virus and the Hepatitis virus.

Dental Clinic Kiskinovi has contract with The National Health Insurance Fund.

Our patients receive attention and solution to their problems.

Your Smile is Our Reward!


Our dental practice offers a complete dental treatment with modern equipment and methods.

Do you know ?

Prevention of tooth decay is a mutual activity. The responsibility lies on both the patient and the dentist. Patients should have decay prevention customs....